Advanced Tutorials

These tutorials are for the more advanced photographers who may own or have access to higher-end equipment.

Z base trick2

How to Photograph Pouring Liquid

Photographing pouring liquids can be done by using normal lighting or flash, the principle is exactly the same.

wolf poster

How to Think About Advertising Photography

advertising photography , how it’s done


How to Photograph Jewelry in the Studio

How to photograph a gold watch in a studio – learn how to use reflections

suzy intruder tom

How to make a flash pressure trigger

This tutorial describes a very simple way to make a flash pressure trigger at home


Retouching eyes with Photoshop using layer masks

How to brighten eyes in photoshop

rover site

Photographing Silver and Shiny Subjects Still Life Technique

An advanced lesson on the technique of photographing silver


Softboxes and a Cheap Alternative to them.

We all use softboxes but are they really the be all and end all, no there is a better alternative for full length shots that will give an even light floor to ceiling.


Photography Before Photoshop

Discover the secrets to produce unreal photographs without using photoshop

peking dancers

Advice on Changing Jobs to Photography

Ever thought about changing jobs to photography, here’s a little advice on what to think about.


Bottle & Drinks Photography

How to make a bottle really look bright and transparent, using the technique seen in tips & tricks 7

Portraits avec text

What Lights to Use for Portraits

A beginner or a confirmed photographer , we all want to try portraits, so what lights do we need when working in the studio?


Hahnel Pro Combi TF Remote Control Review

A product review – view this full review of the Hahnel Combi Pro remote control