Advanced Tutorials

These tutorials are for the more advanced photographers who may own or have access to higher-end equipment.

Flash fini

Light Painting a Product Shot.

How to solve small lighting problems using light painting. Easier than you think!


Studio Flash and Strobelights

Information on studio flash and strobe lights and how to use them in the studio


Flash Sync an Introduction

All you kneed to know about flash synchronisation or xsync as it can be known.

EF 300mm f2.8 L IS II USM FSL NO CAP

Buying a Second Hand Lens a Guide

A guide for buying second hand lenses, what to look out for and how to check if it’s a good one.

strobe club

Stroboscopic Photography

Stroboscopic photography is relatively simple if you have the right equipment

focus stack 2

Focus Stacking, Very Simple

Getting the correct focus can sometimes be very difficult, focus stacking can be a great solution.


DSLR Time Lapse Battery Grip Review

Here I test and review the Polaroid performance grip – ideal for time lapse photography


How to Shoot a Glass Decanter

Photographing a glass can seem difficult but with a little know how it an be easier than you imagine

kittens itch

Photographing Kittens – 2

A story of a shoot for a calendar on animals, I show you from A-Z how the studio shot was done

Photo Opportunities on a Family Day Out at Brooklands

It’s worth taking a camera with you wherever you go.

The Most Important Lesson on Lighting.

how the inverse square law affects photographic lighting

DynaSun Still Life Table Review