Advanced Tutorials

These tutorials are for the more advanced photographers who may own or have access to higher-end equipment.

Knife final

Photographing Knives and Cutlery

Photographing cutlery and any shiny surface, can be very difficult, getting the balance between the metal parts and the others needs a special technique, here I show you how to solve the problem.

you yube

Photographing Street Festivals

This tutorial shows how to shoot in a different way street festivals during the day or night.

Dynasun/Camlink/Walimex Video Tripod Review

img      3300

What is a Raw File

What’s the difference between a Raw file and a jpeg file?

My Favourite Photographic Era

Who are my favorite photographers

So you Want to be an Assistant

Do you want to start out as an assistant photographer

Canon 50mm f1.8 Lens Review

Ever though about a lens for low light photography, this is for you

Using Off Camera Flash With no Radio Triggers

So you don’t have radio triggers, there is an old solution.


Have Fun With Light Painting

Ever thought about what to do on a rainy day , how about some light painting

labrador pups

Animal Photography

Next to our children, our animals are the next most popular subject. Except that sometimes they are bigger.

Clone Source Tool

Do you know everything about cloning,well the clone source tool is a secret for a lot of Photoshop users.

dirty sensor 1

Equipment Maintenance

Ever thought what are those dark marks on my shots