Advanced Tutorials

These tutorials are for the more advanced photographers who may own or have access to higher-end equipment.

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8 or 16 bit for Retouching

What’s best retouching in 8or 16 bit and is there really a difference.

Still Life and Vaseline

Ever thought about using Vaseline for still life.Still life and vaseline

Off Camera Flash

Ever thought about changing to an off camera flash, this video will show you all the advantages.

How to Become a Photographer

Ever wondered how to become a photographer, this video gives an idea on ways of entering the photographic profession.

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Food Photography

Photographing food is a speciality this shows a small insight into this type of photography

Photographing Miniature Subjects

How to make miniature subjects look real

Working with Inexperienced Models

Ever had a problem working with inexperienced models? This video should help you to solve those difficult moments of relaxing a young model, to feel confident in a studio.


Ever thought about doing some stock shots.

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Portrait Photography

Problems with portrait photography ? It’s easier than you think! Learn all there is to know about good portrait photography and getting the character of your subject to come through.


Still Life and Product Photography

What is product photography if it’s not a still life? are we using the expression to describe a badly lit photo?

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How an Advertising Photograph is Born

Ever wondered about advertising photography.

Photography Tips and Tricks

Have you ever wondered about the tips and tricks the professional photographer knows about, well here are a few tips and tricks, that may help you.Sometimes lighthearted but all photographic tips &tricks that can help to stimulate the photographers brain