Advanced Tutorials

These tutorials are for the more advanced photographers who may own or have access to higher-end equipment.

golf balls

Lens Perspective and the Dangers of Zoom Lenses

Ever stayed in the same place and just zoomed in or out?

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Light Painting

Ever thought of film as a canvas? Well why not?! Take a look at this introduction to light painting explaining the principles of painting with a light source…

Girls on beach site

Photographing Children

Never work with animals and children, Well we love them really, don’t we?

smoke 1 inv 3

How to Photograph Smoke

Abstract photos of smoke make great prints to sell for interior decorators , learn how to do them

Strobe or Continuous Lighting for Studio Work

Studio photography is at everyone’s fingertips with continuous lighting or strobes here’s how.

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Introduction to Studio Photography

In this photography lesson we’ll learn how to take pro standard studio shots with lights you have around your home. Learning photography needn’t break the bank!


Lens Flare

Lens flare can be used as a tool for a photographer but maybe a disaster for a beginner.

Start Making Money from your Hobby

Ever thought about making a bit of money from your hobby.

Studio Light Modifiers, Softboxes, Beauty Dishes etc.

Ever wondered what results different light modifiers give, here’s a comparison

glass ret both

How to Photograph a Glass

Learn how to photograph a glass with no professional equipment to a professional level

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Photographing a Bottle and Glass

How to photograph a bottle and glass with no professional equipment using a bedside lamp for lighting.


Car Photography in the Studio

Car photography in the studio a difficult but rewarding way to spend a few days. following is a short insight on how it’s done.