Beginner Tutorials

For the beginner, these tutorial look at the basic rules and low cost options to produce high quality photographs

Z base trick2

How to Photograph Pouring Liquid

Photographing pouring liquids can be done by using normal lighting or flash, the principle is exactly the same.

suzy intruder tom

How to make a flash pressure trigger

This tutorial describes a very simple way to make a flash pressure trigger at home


Retouching eyes with Photoshop using layer masks

How to brighten eyes in photoshop


Photography Before Photoshop

Discover the secrets to produce unreal photographs without using photoshop

peking dancers

Advice on Changing Jobs to Photography

Ever thought about changing jobs to photography, here’s a little advice on what to think about.

Portraits avec text

What Lights to Use for Portraits

A beginner or a confirmed photographer , we all want to try portraits, so what lights do we need when working in the studio?


Hahnel Pro Combi TF Remote Control Review

A product review – view this full review of the Hahnel Combi Pro remote control


Optical or Digital Zoom

Optical and digital zoom, do you know the difference and what to upsides and downsides are of each?


Studio Flash and Strobelights

Information on studio flash and strobe lights and how to use them in the studio


Flash Sync an Introduction

All you kneed to know about flash synchronisation or xsync as it can be known.


Darkroom Equipment for Beginners

Want to start developing your film and making print, well here’s all the equipment you’ll need to do it without spending a lot of money

EF 300mm f2.8 L IS II USM FSL NO CAP

Buying a Second Hand Lens a Guide

A guide for buying second hand lenses, what to look out for and how to check if it’s a good one.