New to photography or an experienced amateur and want to get a better understanding of what makes a good image? Learn more about photography and tricks of the trade from award winning advertising photographer, Phillip McCordall.

When people I meet tell me their camera takes great pictures, they don’t seem to appreciate their own ability.  When you eat well in a restaurant, is it because the chef has some great pots and pans?  It is of course the person behind the equipment that counts.  The camera can, if required, automatically focus, set the aperture, the exposure but only you can compose the picture and shoot at the right moment.

To create great images, and anyone can, you must first learn to recognise a good photograph.  This site will show you how to improve your appreciation of photography and improve your technical skills through a series of photography lessons.  Everything from how to start doing studio photography on a budget, to understanding everything you need to know about iso.

Beginner Lessons

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Intermediate Lessons

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Advanced Lessons

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